Sunday, August 19, 2007

one love, we get to share it

I think my lack of weight loss results right now has driven me to lists. I ran across this one on Living Better today, and decided to create my own! It is My One Word Meme.

1. Cellphone: charging
2. Relationship: awesome
3. My hair: short
4. Work: foster-kids
5. My sisters: none
6. My favorite thing: Starbucks (the bottled, refrigerated drinks)
7. My dream last night: none
8. Favorite drink: water
9. Dream car: convertible VW
10. The room I’m in : red
11. My shoes: flip-flops
12. My fears: money
13. What do I want to be in 10 years: mom
14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: church softball
15. What are you not good at: checkers
16. Muffin: cream cheese
17. One of my wish list items: chairs
18. Where I grew up: Greenup
19. Last thing I did: get dressed
20. Wearing: gauchos
21. Not wearing: make-up (yet!)
22. Your pets: cats
23. Your computer: laptop
24. Your life: Nathan
25. Your mood: excited
26. Missing: cereal
27. What am I thinking about right now? my right foot is alseep
28. My car: Altima
29. My kitchen: dark
30. My summer: moving!!
31. Favorite color: varies
32. Last time I laughed: today
33. Last time I cried: don't remember
34. School: finished!
35. Love: everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the list. I enjoyed reading it. Did you watch the kids in the video? They are so funny they crack me up!!! Hope your week is awesome!


I love this! I might borrow it to post later this week.

Annie said...

Love the list! Just so you don't think i've dissapeared off the face of the earth, I've moved my blog to wordpress. The address is sorry I didn't tell you before, it's been a bit hectic! :)