Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the fear you won't fall

I am ready for fall.

I am tired of hot and humid. I am tired of short sleeves. I want to cuddle up with my favorite Bellarmine sweatshirt blanket. I want to wear long sleeved tshirts. I want to be able to be outside without melting.

We have big plans for the fall. We are moving next month! Our move will include the availability of a state-of-the-art fitness center in our neighborhood. And walking trails. And a bedroom on the third floor. And a farmer's market in walking distance. And getting two hours of my day back since I won't have a commute. I'll have plenty of time to get healthy!

We got the October issue of Southern Living today, and its all about fall. Apples and pumpkins and fall mums. How do I invite fall to come see me early this year?

We are seeing Nickel Creek three times this fall, once in Louisville, once in Lexington, and once in (our favorite city ever) Asheville, North Carolina. The picture up there is from the scenic overlook of our favorite bed and breakfast, the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn. We'll be staying there when we see Nickel Creek in Asheville.

I am ready for fall!



Me too! It's my favorite time of year (pumpkins and hot cider and LEAVES!). Plus this year, it's the wedding... yay!

lainb said...

Fall is my favorite season...I'm SOOOOOOO ready for it to be here! Your new neighborhood & house sound awesome...I can see why you're really looking forward to the move.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Not only is it my birthday, but I love wearing jeans/t-shirts without sweating through them... and the humidity not ruining my hair, pretty coats, etc...

Lots to look forward to!

Sarah said...

You should try and see them at the Ryman! I saw them in 2004 and it was magical! Sarah is awesome. I love how she isn't stick thin, but I think she is gorgeous.

Where have you seen DMB play? They have started playing a few new songs this summer that I really like.

Anonymous said...

oh.. and I LOVE that song by joshua radin!!