Wednesday, August 22, 2007

it still ain't easy at all

So remember a few weeks ago when I talked about my Maid Of Honor that I saw for the first time in 2 years on Facebook? I had dinner with her tonight, and two other girls who were in my wedding. It was really awkward. I reconnected really well with the other two girls, I was so amazed at how quickly we fell back into old patterns. But MOH was different...distant...almost angry. I know I haven't made the effort, but she didn't either, you know? There were hugs all around, and her hug when we met was stiff and there was no hug between us when we left. We are having dinner again next month, so there's hope for rekindling, but I don't understand why things have to be such a big deal. It makes me want to see the other two more, and I have shared so much more with MOH. I just don't know. I'm confused and sad.

I turn 30 in November. That's scary to me. I've decided I'm not waiting any longer to get healthy. We move in 3 weeks. Big deal. I'm not making any more excuses. I am taking my lunch to work tomorrow. I am going to pay $12 to join this new gym for the month so I can finally start and finish the Couch-to-5K program. The excuses are OVER!!


Christine said...

You know what? I am kinda having these same feelings. I got married last year and my MOH and I were best of friends from age 5. After the wedding we have gone our seperate ways. Promises of getting together via email - it never happens. Daily emails turned into weekly. And when we do see each other its by accident and its always awkward. I really don't know either - but I can't blame her either - I have made the same amount of effort as her. Life takes people in different directions.

I'm turning 30 in December - and I am not making anymore excuses either!

Sarah said...

I am not making excuses either! I am ready to change my life now!

I am sorry to hear about your reunion with your MOH. At least she was willing to meet up for dinner. I think that is promising. Sometimes things like that take time. I know it has to be a difficult feeling, but I think things will work out for the best in the end.


You girls sure do know how to make a Fat Bridesmaid nervous... I don't want to not be friends with The Bride after the wedding! :(

Nathan said...

The actual dinner may have been awkward, but the leftovers made for a pretty good lunch the next day.

come clean said...

It's always hard to get through that initial awkward part - mainly trying to figure out why it's awkward in the first place and why it's hard to let that awkwardness go.