Sunday, August 26, 2007

front foot leads the back one

I am so sorry that I have been missing! Our air conditioning has gone out and it's made me frustrated. I mean, we've lived there for 2 years, and as soon as we sell (after the inspection, of course) things start going wrong. And I cannot turn the house over when the air conditioning doesn't work upstairs. It's just not right. I'm not a happy couch sleeper.

Other than that, things are just stressful. My job is really piling up. I worked most of the day today. I have a full day scheduled tomorrow, and pretty much for the rest of the week. I just want to be caught up when we close on the 13th so I can take some time off and not be stressed out.

I am SO EXCITED to move!

Thanks for sticking with me. I promise that I'll be focused again soon!


marie said...

you have so much going on of course things are going to be crazy! i hope everything goes well! soooo exciting!!

Can't Do This Anymore said...

Your aloud to take a break- you just have to come back! ;) I love reading your blog! Top FAV!