Wednesday, July 11, 2007

where oh where are you tonight?

I am so sorry that I have been Missing In Action. Things have gotten crazy. In a good way.

I love my job. While I'm learning the ropes, it's taking me longer to get things done. I have such an opportunity to facilitate change in the lives of kids. This is so exciting. However, I worked a 12 hour day Monday and 10 yesterday, making today's 8 feel like a breeze. I now have 6 hours to spend away from work, but I don't know when I'll have the time to do that. But I am not resentful at all.

I feel like most of my time away from work is being spent keeping the house in shape to show. It's hard work selling a house. Keeping all the cat hair up, keeping the dishes washed, the showers and tub and sinks clean. I mean, we're not filthy people typically, but clean and shiny all the time is hard work.

We had a blast at the wedding this weekend. The couple is just georgeous.

We love you Vanessa and Brad!!

Nathan and I really enjoyed Washington Courthouse. Not only was the wedding hall easy to find, we also had tons of shopping at our disposal. Nathan enjoyed the Mandolin Store. They gave him a free pick. We also enjoyed the Prime Outlet Stores. It was hard to be good in the Pottery Barn Outlet, but I'm planning a trip back when we get our new house!

I have nothing to say about being healthy. Only that it's not going well. I had pizzabread from Giovanni's tonight. (You Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia girls know what I'm talking about! It's the Italian Place to Be!)

I hope to get back into regular posting. But tonight I've got laundry to put away.

And I haven't forgotten about those of you who are getting books...I promise they will go out in the near future. It will just be a surprise when you get them!



Welcome back! Let me know when you're planning your next trip to the Prime Outlets Pottery Barn and I'll totally go with you! I always need a good excuse to go shopping and it's only 40 minutes away from my house. :-)

Amuldoon said...

Nice to read you again... :)

Aimee said...

Glad you had a good time in Washington Courthouse. I use to shop at that outlet mall all the time. I haven't been for about 5 months though. I like the Corning Revere store (I like all of the kitchen gadgets they have). :)

Monique said...

It's good to have you back :)

Sarah said...

I am familiar with Giovanni's. The dad of one of my good high school friends actually owns one.