Thursday, July 12, 2007

so wholly your devotee

Today was another difficult day at work. I spent most of the afternoon sitting in family court. It was really depressing. Teenagers have really changed since I was one. Teenage girls getting in a fight in the courtroom. Shameful.

Onto better news, dinner was great today! Cajun tilapia and sweet potatoes from the grill. Nathan is the grill master! That almost makes up for the Waffle House lunch... (I know! I am ashamed!!)

We are once again going out of town this weekend. We are going to our hometown ("home home" as I call it) to see Nickel Creek! I think we have pretty good seats. The concert is at the Paramount, which you Billy Ray Cyrus fans will know as the background to the "Achy Breaky Heart" video. Did I really just admit that Billy Ray and I share a common county or origin? Yes, yes I did.

I've spent too much time playing around on the internet tonight, so I must pack for the weekend and finish straightening the house up a smidge. However, I did learn 2 important things from

  1. If you have tupperware that is holding on to food odors, crumple up a sheet of newspaper, place it inside, and seal it up. Overnight, the newspaper will absorb the odors.
  2. Vinegar in a spray bottle is effective weed killer.

Have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

I didn't know your home, home was Ashland! I drive by on my way home to Charleston, WV. Have fun at Nickel Creek!

jenifer said...

Oh my gosh! It's like I'm famous! I'm on your blog, viewed my millions! It was so good to see you!!!!!!! Love ya!!!

jenifer said...

Oops, I meant BY millions! I was so excited I couldn't even spell...