Friday, June 22, 2007

I can change, I can change

Happy Friday! This will be rambling, but it's been a full day! I'll just be chronological.

I actually got to do some productive things at work! I think I am really going to like my job. I'm not actually doing therapy anymore, I'm managing foster homes and other case managers. I actually have people that I manage. That's so cool! I really enjoy it so far.

On the way home, I finished listening to the sermon I almost finished yesterday. I still didn't like it. I went back and listened again to the part that I thought was controversial, and she still said that following a scripted weight loss or exercise plan was an idol. I don't agree with that. I think that spending an hour on Saturday and planning my week keeps me from being fixated on food all week. But that's just me.

Then I listened to a sermon out of Mars Hill, minister being the Rob Bell whose books I love but don't necessarily agree with everything he says. The sermon I listened to today was really good. He talked about leaving control and seeking faith. It really hit home to me and my control issues. More than that, though, hearing the message today really comforted me. God will take care of today. I don't need to worry. I will do what I can about selling the house, and finding a new one, but God will take care of that today when it comes.

I ate REALLY well today.

B: Starbucks and banana
L: banana, peanut butter, and honey on flat-out bread, an apple
D: flat bread pizza
S: Wheat Chex and 1% milk

After dinner, Nathan and I took a huge load of stuff to Goodwill. I decided that I wasn't going to keep many of my skinny clothes. Considering I wore them 3 years ago, and I still have a long way to go, they would be out of style before I could wear them again. We also had a lot of sheets and blankets that we haven't used since we moved, and rugs that we don't use since we refinished the floors. We fit almost all of it in the car, and we'll make a second trip in the morning. (Don't worry...the garbage bags are all full of stuff, not trash.)

Tonight I painted the stairs inside the house. Or I primed them atleast. I took a before pic, but I'll wait and post it with the after. Nathan also got the pantry painted, and I'll post before and afters of it as well.

Have a great weekend!