Saturday, June 23, 2007

the heat was more than hungry

Happy Saturday!

Man, have we had a busy day...and it's only 4:30!

2 major projects we can cross off our list!

Our pantry was terribly ugly. So much so that we just had all kinds of stuff in boxes in it. But when I began my purging of stuff, we said "adios" to many of those things. So we were left with still yet another space to beautify.

We started with this ugliness:

And, from Thursday night to this morning, ended up with this! (it's attached to our dining room, and they are now the same color.)

And then comes the hideous staircase. The previous owner did some really stupid things in the house, and the staircase was one of the worst. When we moved in, it had pea-soup green carpet from the landing up and burgundy paint the rest of the way down - except on the overhangs where she did not worry to tear the carpet off. When we pulled up the carpet, we had beautiful original unpainted steps. We had a choice: refinish most of the steps (with a hand sander and a lot of time) or paint them all. (This picture does not do justice to the horribly mismatched staircase that we had grown to love.)

Two years later, we decided to paint them. Tah-dah!!

I also received a very special delivery today! Aimee sent me a package! I haven't received a package that didn't cost me something for a long time! Thank you so much, Aimee, for the cd and the cookbook and bracelet and the card! So very thoughtful! (And the Wedding CD I sent you is actually the favor Nate and I gave at the wedding of our favorite songs. ) I am so excited to try out many of your recipes!!

We also took all our paint cans from working on the house (over 20 of them) and filled them with cat litter so we can dispose of them properly. I'm getting ready to wash dishes and then get ready for our night out on the town - in our little town of 7000 people. We are starting our evening off with another load taken to Goodwill, then dinner at the Fudgery (peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich on wheat for me, thank you), and a children's production of the Hobbit at the Ragged Edge Community Theater.

Eating? 2 thumbs up.

B: Starbucks and banana

L: 2 eggs, a slice of 2% cheese, 2 pieces toast, strawberry preserves and ketchup (for the eggs)

S: another Starbucks drink, banana Popsicle

D: pb, banana, and honey sandwich

I've found that my eating has gone very well this week. I have been using fitday to record my eating. I put in breakfast and lunch choices the night before. That way they are already in writing and I have made the commitment. Then today, I just add dinner and plan for the next day. It keeps me from eating on the fly. I really haven't been thinking about what I eat. I have been having some physical signs of hunger throughout the day, but I am getting a sense of pride from waiting until my next meal. I have popcorn, jell-o and popsicles available, but I just don't want to give in. That's such a change for me. I am very proud of myself.

Exercise will come next.

Still no tv, limited meat, and I'm listening to sermons on my commute. It's all working out well! Next week, though, Nathan will be in Atlanta, so I'll spend the week with company here or staying with Kent. (I'm scared to stay in this big house all by myself.) The test will come with how well I stick to my guns when others are around. I can do it!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!



that WAS the most hideous pantry I've ever seen in my whole life, but now it's LOVELY! And the steps too! Your house will sell in no time.

Aimee said...

Your pantry and stairs are looking good. :) Glad you got the package today. Let me know what you think of my music selections LOL! It's ok if you don't like them. I tend to like a variety of stuff and my choice can change as fast as the wind changes directions. LOL! I made myself a copy to listen to in my car. Rick and I were listening to it yesterday and he pointed out that from my song selections you may think I'm depressed. LOL! That's not the case at all. Just thought I should pass that on so that when you listen to it you don't think the same thing. LOL!

Amuldoon said...

Your renos look great...I hate doing that kinda stuff, but the end result is so satisfying!

As for the kitty leashes.. they don't seem to mind them at all. Kitty #1 Lewis, is a bit of a scardey cat but he loooves going outside, especially eating grass! Kitty #2 Sam, is more brave but he generally just chills and chomps grass. I have to say... we have created a couple of monsters because they meow like crazy now to go out. They don't try to escape though.... so thats good!