Saturday, June 23, 2007

here comes the rain again

I have one thing to say to you:

Get out and support your community theatre!

Tonight, Nate and I went and watched the Children's Theatre performance of "The Hobbit." Not only was it funnier than anything I've seen on television in a long time, some of the acting was even better. The girl that played Gollum was amazing. And the dwarfs, which I thought would all just be dressed in traditional Lord-of-the-Rings-type costumes were in a variety of clothing. One was dressed like a chef and had spatulas on his sword. Another was dressed like a tourist: safari clothes, a lei, and he snapped pictures the whole show. Then the Elf King was a washed-up hippie in hippie gear and eating Funyuns. They responded really well to wardrobe malfunctions..."Hmmm. My sword just broke." When the spiders came out, the assaulted the cast and crowd with silly string. There are just too many things to recount. And the kids were having as much fun as we were. Absolutely hilarious.

Go support community theatre! It's great entertainment!


Anonymous said...

That sounds hilarious! That is such a good idea for a cheap date.

Your pantry and stairs look great - you and your husband are very ambitious! I can't wait to get my new place and organize everything I own. I have bags and bags stored away to give away and the rest, well... right now it's all on my bedroom floor waiting for me to get the initiative to go through it. Your place is giving me some motivation to actually get it done.