Wednesday, May 9, 2007

front foot leads the back one

So I've spent the last few days feeling sorry for myself. I get up early this morning, work on some laundry, and sit down at the computer with my banana and my starbucks drink. I start to read my usual blogs.

Although we don't know each other, from reading your blogs, I feel like we do. This weight loss thing is hard. We can plan and count and exercise, but we all have times when our bodies don't make sense and the stresses of life cause us to go back to our old habits. From reading blogs, I have pulled myself out of my self-pity. I have realized that we are all struggling, and we all need some love.

I am sending thoughts and comments of support to the following folks. I hope you do the same.

I LOVE Jeannie's blog. I understand that sometimes we can eat well but the amounts are unhealthy. And I know what it's like to not want to buy the healthy treats because they are so expensive. I buy them anyway. She ate a frosty and oreos yesterday. Send her some love.

Amuldoon says that a tooth infection will make her eat less. I can understand that. Sometimes I welcome any sickness that takes my hunger and then get depressed when the weight I lost logically comes back. She feels lost lately. Send her some love.

Totegirl at The Pudge Budge (I love that title!) has been in the middle of work celebrations and luncheons. I know how hard it is to turn down social food. No one wants to tote their lunch in a box into a nice luncheon. And some places we go have no real good choices. For me it's about realizing what is in my control, listing my proirities, and making the best decisions I can. Sometimes we hang in there by our fingernails, but the fact that we still post shows that we're hanging in there. Go see her.

Thrilled used to be someone I saw around a lot. She was posting a lot, I saw her comments on a lot of blogs, but not for the last few weeks. I know I don't blog as often when I am embarrassed by my food intake or my lack of exercise. I'm hoping that similar reasons are not the cause of her hiatus. She has a lot of great things to say. Let's get her back! Send her some comments!

FatBridesmaid is cooking full-time. She gets turned off by food being around it all day. I don't think that would happen to me. I worry that with her incredibly hectic schedule, she'll let her health fall away. She wants to look amazing in that black bridesmaid's dress! Show her some love.

Annie is someone else that we haven't seen around for a while. I love learning about Austrailia from her. She posts strange Aussie slang like "Avagudeweegend!" I need to know what that means! I'm also starting a campaign to get her back. Let's commment like crazy!

So was this a good diversion from hearing about me? It was a nice break from writing about me.

I know how much I need the support from others, and these are some of the people I look to. We all need support. I can't imagine how I would be doing this without my husband and the inspiration that comes from other bloggers. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with me, and for reading about mine.


Amuldoon said...

Aww... thanks so much for the kind words in your post!

You're the best ever! :)

Aimee said...

OK Krissie, I'll help you in this crusade to help others. Everyone needs a helping hand especially when losing weight. :)

By the way, I'll be starting to blog about the Beck Diet Solution starting tonight. I'm hoping to cover it everyday (like I said... hoping. You know how that goes. LOL). Have a great day!

Oh and check this link out for some cool Aussie slang (so much fun to learn)...

Annie said...

hehe you got me! I've been a busy budgie lately, no excuse (we're all busy, right?)
I will be back in force tonight, I promise!


Awww thanks for the love! I feel so special!