Wednesday, May 30, 2007

you see me different

I think I may have found some new resolve. As I responded to Jeannie's blog today, I was reminded of something I read somewhere. (Sorry I can't give the blogger credit...I have no idea where I was, or even when it was.) Jeannie, like many of us, are struggling with motivation. I read that it isn't motivation that makes us successful, it's discipline. I am not disciplined. But when am I disciplined? When I make a plan. I am pretty good at sticking to a plan, I've just become lazy at making them. So tomorrow, Thursday May 31, I have a plan.

  • I will actually use the points journal I have carried in my purse but not written in for three weeks.
  • I will go to the gym at some point tomorrow. It doesn't matter what I do, just that I go and do something. No more of this "If I can't work out for an hour I won't go at all" stuff. I AM GOING!

Food plan for tomorrow:

Breakfast (6 points):
Banana and Starbucks drink

Lunch (6 points):
South Beach Cranberry Chicken Salad Kit
Lots o' Lettuce

Snack (4 points):

Dinner (9 points):
Subway turkey sandwich with cheese and honey mustard, baked lays

Nathan has softball practice tomorrow evening. If I make the above goals, I will allow myself to go with him and run to the mall and pick up the shoes that I want . I know, you're thinking that I'm rewarding myself after one day. That's not entirely accurate. I had planned on getting them on Saturday, I would just be getting them a day early.

Oh, and I'm working on a contest. I love making mix cds, and am planning on offering one here soon! I'll keep you updated.

Have a great night!



I, too, am struggling with the motivation and I love your idea to just suck it up and dive in. Totally giving me something to think about. And contest? Mmmmmexcellent.

Sarah said...

I think you have an excellent plan. I was actually thinking of dusting off my notebook to keep track of my points that I haven't used in weeks as well.

I do like DMB a lot. I have really met some great friends from going to shows all over the country. It has become just as much about the friendships as the music. The Red Rocks CDs are amazing. I still can't believe I was able to go to all 4 nights =)

Good luck today you can do it!

Oh and I was in Louisville on Saturday to see Damien Rice at the Palace Theater. It was my first time there and I LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogging!! I loved the pics of Luke's wedding made me sad we couldn't be there.

YOu know what you want it 5lb loss or a pair of new shoes.....just do it.....!! I know you can.

marie said...

hope you reached your goals today!! a girl needs shoes!