Tuesday, April 17, 2007

whatever holds us down...

Ugh. So the Avenger is in at the mechanic. $300 just to make it "safe." That's without even looking under the hood. "Reliable" may be more than we are willing to pay. So it may be car shopping for us this weekend. I really want a Jeep Compass. We'll drive one, and then we'll see.

We have a kitchen full of dirty dishes. I don't understand where they all came from. It's like we go from clean kitchen to filty kitchen in no time. That's for tomorrow.

I realized why I was so disappointed with my (miniscule) loss last week. It wasn't the number, it was that I wasn't getting my reward. I really want a pedicure. Really. I got the one while Nate was in Atlanta, and now I'm spoiled. My toenails just look so much better when someone else shapes and paints them. But I got over it, bought some new polish, and they look only slightly clumsy.

I have eaten like crazy today. I feel like I have eaten all day long. Usual breakfast (all together! "starbucks and banana!"). We took a co-worker out to eat for winning the NCAA pool, so I had the ususal peanut-butter-banana-honey sandwich at the fudgery. I had carrots and endamame for a snack around 5. Then I ate curry rice and lentil leftovers for dinner. And that's when the craziness started. I had a Fiber 1 bar and a glass of milk. Half an hour later, a bowl of Wheat Chex. An hour later, an orange. When I sat down to blog, I made myself count up the points. 31? Really? Only 3 points into my weekly flex points? I am impressed that that amount of food felt so outrageous. I'm really changing my habits here! I used to have cereal every night. We had to throw out some spoiled milk last week (that NEVER happens). I am changing. And that's more important than what the scale says.

Still no gym this week. Being without a car is depressing. It was nice enough outside today that we could have taken a walk, but we didn't.

But now I have a bath awaiting. Before I go, here's my tentative meal plan for tomorrow:

B (6) - Starbucks and banana
L (6) - Kashi Sweet and Sour Chicken, Broccoli
S (3) - Banana and Fat Free Pudding
D (13) - No Clue, something less than 13 points (maybe an Asian salad and a chicken breast)

Please continue your prayers and thoughts for Virginia Tech. I made myself stop watching news coverage today. It was breaking my heart to put faces to my prayers. More importantly, though, I felt like a peeping tom, like I was invading their privacy. So I have stopped watching and reading. I do not need to know the details to pray for the ease of their pain.


Amuldoon said...

What a great blog... I'll be tuning in, in the future for sure! :)


hey! thanks for the comment!

PS. Your hair is ADORable.