Monday, April 30, 2007

picture pages!

"Picture Pages, Picture Pages,Time to get your Picture Pages,Time to get your
crayons and your pencils..."
"You can play with Picture Pages,Fill your day with Picture Pages, 'Till Bill Cosby does another Picture Page with you!"

My mom bought me Picture Pages when I was little. I watched a lot of Nickelodeon as a kid and really wanted to do the Picture Pages with Bill Cosby. But the day they came in the mail, I worked all of them. My mom was mad, but I was very proud. Or so she tells me. I don't really remember.

That's a long story just to introduce the day of pictures, isn't it?

Yes, I am home from work today. I'm draining (I hate snot!) and my body hurts. So here I am. And here are the pics from today.

Here is the no make-up shot. I found this to be very liberating. So not only am I free of cosmetics, but I am also in the throws of a terrible cold and my eyebrows are not exactly well groomed. And here is the picture for all to see. I do think that my short hair is absolutely adorable and my face may even be looking a little thinner. I am wearing my favorite green shirt (that I stole from Nate). What you can't see is the rest of the pathetic sick day attire: pink and green plaid flannel pants and bright pink crocs. If I worked as a news anchor, I would definitely only be made up from the waist up.

So you should do the make-up free shot too! Put it on your blog and link it in Adventures In BabyWearing just like I did!

And for the random shot of the day:

I originally took this picture to send to Nate's mom to show her the tables we painted. But then I realized that the picture is supportive evidence for several things I have mentioned previously in this blog.

1. Notice nice, blue night stands. The night stands in action! And mine (the one on the left) is not cluttered yet! Nathan's will never be cluttered.

2. I have mentioned before that I love waking up in a nice, white room and white sheets. It always feels like I am starting the day over fresh and clean. I just thought I'd show you more of that.

3. Farley puts himself in pictures. I grabbed the camera, and he followed me upstairs. He jumped on the bed and proceeded to lay down like he'd been there all day. And he looked at me, begging to have his picture taken. I had planned to take the picture from this angle. Its the best shot of the room, but not the most flattering of Farley. That'll teach him.

4. This is also where I am going to spend the better part of my afternoon. I am going to take my iPod full of sermons upstairs and refocus. And probably nap too. I'll let you know what I learn.

Have a great afternoon!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I loved Picture Pages!!! And thanks for posting the fresh pic!


~Jennifer said...

I also loved picture pages, but um, I did them with Bill Cosby when he was originally on Captain Kangaroo in the 70's. I guess I'm a mite older than you. ;-)

Lovely picture, by the way.

Mrs. D said...

que bonita!


You look terrific! I never would have known you weren't feeling well. And big props for the room. It looks so cozy.

Amy said...

That was so cool of your mom to get you picture pages. They were all the rage back then. :) I hope you feel better soon, feeling icky is certainly no fun!

That's great that you linked to me, I always like having a new blogger friend!

Your picture is great and your hair is cute. My husband would kick me in the rear if I came home like that, even though he knows my hair looks better short. Oh well, it's a man thing, that's for sure!

Take care,

Aimee said...

Hey I remember Picture Pages. Like Jennifer, I did them in the 70's too when I watched Captain Kangaroo. :)
You look pretty good for someone with no make-up and sick! I took my picture earlier today, but I haven't gotten it off of my camera yet.
Love the bedroom picture. Your bedroom looks very bright. My bedroom is kinda dark even when the blinds are open (it faces north).

Aimee said...

Hey Krissie,
I went ahead and added my pic to today's blog. Just wanted to let you know since you already checked out today's blog. Didn't want you to miss a scary moment. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I love that there are so many blogs on fat fighters and now one more that I can read (yours) - definitely keeps me from the food... for a while.
p.s. I love your short hair!

busybusymomma said...

What a beautiful bedroom! YOu have such blue eyes.

I put the Ichthus on my blog just as to put my Christianity out there, but I HAVE been to Ichthus. Three times I think, but not since we had children.

We'll probably try to come in the next few years, we'll be out of debt and can enjoy ourselves. Have fun!