Friday, April 27, 2007

maybe I'm just too demanding...

Big thanks to Aimee for letting me interview her. She did an amazing job answering the questions with honesty and candidness. Check it out here.

Thanks for chanting with me yesterday, but it didn't work. I am sick. Nothing major. Sore throat. Full of snot. I just hope that snot doesn't weigh a lot. I need low numbers for the weigh in tomorrow morning. I feel like chanting, "Low numers! Low numbers!" like I used to chant "No whammy! No whammy!" along with the old game show Press Your Luck. I guess I'm just in the chanting mood. (You know you remember the Whammy!)

I've eaten pretty well today, despite not feeling well. Typical breakfast, South Beach Cranberry Chicken Salad for lunch, 2 pieces of pineapple pizza and some wonton soup for dinner. And 2 mini york peppermint patties. Those things are gonna be the death of me. I don't know why I bought a new bag today.

So today I got home early (gotta love Fridays!) and had time to watch My Wife and Kids. I typically love that show and don't get home in time to watch it most days. Today, I got a really bad taste from the episode called Thru Thick and Thin. Jay had put on a few pounds (which was actually just some padding around her butt inside her sweatpants) and Michael was really on her to lose the weight, saying things like, "I don't know what happened to my wife. She left with a body of J. Lo and came back with a body like Jello." All because she had some more weight on her butt . This led to a "nightmare" of the entire family being obese, shoving huge pancakes in their mouths, fighting over an insane amount of bacon, breathing very heavily when still, and poor Katie being so fat she had to roll into the dining room instead of walk. I was just appalled at the way they were so stereotypical of fat people. I had always admired Tisha Campbell for always looking sexy and never appearing ashamed of her small breasts and curves. And then she mocks, in essence, me. I was very disappointed. And a little ashamed.
So we'll be back in our hometown this weekend, so I may not post again for a few days. I will let you know about the weigh-in ASAP. Have a great weekend!


Laura said...

Hey! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I'm digging yours as well! (And hey, if you want a custom, spiffy layout, feel free to hit me up. Hehe!)

I didn't see that episode, but it would have pissed me off, too. It's actually really surprising - black folks are usually the LAST to ever make fun of people for being heavy. I used to date a few black guys, and they always seemed to love big girls! Stupid Hollywood.

fatbridesmaid said...

I totally remember Press Your Luck, and I say "No Whammies!" all the damn time. So you're not alone. Sucks that you're feeling cruddy though.

And the TV thing -- that's one of the reasons I don't watch much TV anymore. I got sick of seeing "fat" people get made fun for cheap laughs. I still read fashion magazines though, so I'm a hypocrite.

Aimee said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. I hope your weigh in went well today (it's Saturday now, I'm just behind) LOL!

I watch repeats of My Wife and Kids from time to time when it's on really late at night. I haven't seen the one you're talking about, but I can understand why it would be upsetting.

Thanks again for the interview questions. :) Hope you feel better soon!

Southern Fried Fatty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You know I have only seen a few episodes of "My wife and Kids" but I have seen that episode and I thought the same thing you did. Even when I'm "skinny" I have quite a bit of junk in my trunk. The black guys and latinos seem to like that just fine.

I'm doing the South Beach Diet but I have not seen the salads in stores around here. They look pretty good. I do like the SB wraps and they are good for WW because they have a lot of fiber.
Thanks for visiting Southern Fried Fatty. I'm adding you to my daily blog reading.

"No Whammy, No Whammy , Big Money, Big Money!"

Mindy said...

Hope you are feeling better today! I'm late reading this but I will chant for you:) And I know what you mean about the tv show... I never liked Friends because of the 'Fat Monica' episodes.