Tuesday, April 3, 2007

don't wanna forget come daylight

Happy day before Nathan's Birthday! Tomorrow we are having dinner at Shakertown. Very exciting. And I've eaten well enough today and yesterday that I feel I can manage a nice dinner out. Besides, I know I can just get the fish and veggies and be generally okay. (Oh, but then there are yeast rolls!)

Today was a good day. I ate really well. I got really hungry about half an hour ago. I know it was boredom hunger, but I was still hungry. I ate strawberries. Still the Starbucks drink and banana for breakfast (I was running late...more on that later). Chicken salad on spinach for lunch (so incredibly yummy) and this beautiful pizza concotion for dinner. I had a fiber one bar and a glass of milk for dessert. And then a cup of strawberries. So I stayed within my points for the day (if you count 1 point for the strawberries = 40 minutes of yardwork). Yay me!

Nathan and I planned on going for a walk this evening, but the storm hit quicker than we had anticipated. So we just cut down weeds (not pulled them out, but cut them in half and doused them with weed killer). It was work in it's own way.

Oh yes, almost late for work today. I had big plans to make this peanut butter-banana-honey wrap thing for breakfast this morning. Usually it doesn't matter if I'm a few minutes late for work, and it's a good thing because I'm usually 10 minutes later than my anticipated arrival time. But I had to be on time today because today was my evaluation (with my big 2.7% increment on the line). We were supposed to meet at nine, so I was there by 8:30, just to get everything in line. So he comes in at 9:40. I say nothing. Later in the day, he asks if we can do my evaluation tomorrow, to which I respond, "I thought it was today?" He gives me this story about how he didn't sleep very well last night and decided to sleep in a little. I wish I had those kind of allowances. I guess that's a perk of being the boss.

But no bitterness (okay, just a little) because I have a great weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow is a great day for our little family (the big 2-9 for Nate!). Then Thursday, we're heading to Lexington for the evening (I'll probably be in town about 4, Kent. But I was thinking of getting a pedicure, so I'll call you when I'm ready to come over. What time is good for you?). Nate has his big exam Friday morning (you'll rock baby!), then shopping and going back to good ol' Greenup for the Easter weekend. Zak will be in from Kansas. I am just very excited. I do wish we would be in our home church for Easter morning, but I'm sure I'll be inspired wherever we go.

I realize I may have sounded sad about the semi-retirement of my shoes. I am not sad. I paid good money for them, and they are for running. I love them, thus I must respect their purpose in life. And I am silly enough that wanting to wear them (and run in them!) will inspire me to keep up my habits. Yeah, I am inspired by shoes. I'm not logical.

Oh, for any fellow Alanis Morissette fans out there (and anyone who knows her has noticed many references to her in post and blog title), this video is hilarious.

I read a quote today that has really stuck with me. Some people dream of success...others get up every day and work at it. I am working at it. And this is helping. So thank you for reading.


TKB said...

I get out of class at 4. I will be home about 4:20. Come over whenever.