Saturday, April 21, 2007

you were all I could see

So let me recap the last week: incredible automobile struggles. I had no car for almost a week. Mechanic tried to screw me over. Got a new car. Sigh of relief yesterday.

What does stress lead to? Eating. What does relief lead to? Eating. Thursday night was out of control, mostly healthy stuff, but I felt out of control. Yesterday was small portions of unhealthy stuff for 2 meals, and dinner was 4 (4!!) large pieces of ham and pineapple pizza. And who knows how many York Peppermint Patties. No exercise at all over the course of the week. Zero. I needed to weigh because it was my day. And I am sinking in my heels and not giving up.

Today is the end of my third week. I get on the scale. I was so unconcerned with my weight that I did not look at what my previous weight was. I usually know that number and frantically do the math as soon as the number pops up on the scale. So when the number showed up, I didn't have any idea what that meant. I had a loss of 1.2. Over a pound! Two weeks of incredibly hard work created a loss of 1.4, and a week of half-assing it led to a 1.2 pound loss. I should feel thankful, but I'm just confused. I couldn't celebrate 'cause I don't feel like I earned it, especially in comparison to the previous weeks.

But I'll take it! I really talked to people at the meeting and feel like I'm starting to make some connections. I know that will help keep me motivated.

Putt Putt will also help keep me motivated. I love mini golf. We decided today that on weeks that I lose, we will play after the meeting. I am so excited. We played the Miracles course at Jesus Golf today. I did pretty good and beat Nate by one stroke. I'm not competitive, but I'm even less athletic. Putt putt is the one sport I do well at, so I celebrate my victory!

We tried to buy a grill today, but we couldn't fit the assembled one in the car, and the directions to assemble a boxed one looked difficult. So Nate's going back with the truck after church tomorrow. And then we will have yummy grilled food! Tomorrow is burgers, corn, and salad.

That being said, I need to post my food plan for tomorrow. I don't know the exact points, but a general idea. And I'll try to take pictures!


Hamburger (with A1, 2% cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and Bread and Butter pickles on a wheat bun!!)
Ear of corn
Salad (spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, mozzarella cheese, raspberry viniagrette)

Mandarin Salad (lettuce, slice of turkey, mandarin oranges, almonds, chow mein noodles, ginger dressing)

Fiber 1 bar
Apples and peanut butter


Mindy said...

It's weird how the whole 'half assing' it thing works out sometimes. I remember one weekend when I was totally off the hook with my eating and I ended up having the biggest loss during my whole WW experience! I think there's something to this whole shaking up your metabolsim theory.