Friday, March 23, 2007

to cover the tracks that I have left

So I'm posting yesterday's food diary today. I'm just a little late. Last night was kinda a bad night. More people we know getting pregnant, but not us. So instead of blogging, I went to bed and read my Oprah magazine. And today, ta-dah!!, I feel better. Part of that may be that I have today off. Very exciting. I've already put laundry away and put sheets in the washer. My plan for the rest of the day is this: have breakfast, clean the house some, shower, get hair cut, clean the house some more, go to the gym, shower, listen to a sermon, finish cleaning the house, watch Oprah, and then Nathan will be home! Oh, and Ill throw lunch in there somewhere too. I'm excited. It's gonna be a good day.
I have two wedding showers tomorrow. I sent gifts to Idaho for one of them (I don't want Vanessa to move!) and we haven't picked up a gift for Nate's brother yet. We'll get that done this evening.

And I'm pretty proud of my food diary from yesterday. Here goes!

Breakfast (and pm snack) consisted of the amazing choco-pumpkin muffins from Wednesday evening. So yummy. Lunch was a great roast beef pita, cracked pepper triscuits, and grapes. Oh, and two dark chocolate kisses. Courtney insisted they were okay because they are only one point each and have antioxidants. Dinner was spaghetti sauce on this strange organic pasta I bought in Kansas. I only ate half of the spaghetti there. My loving husband fulfilled his husbandly duty by finishing off my plate. The spinach is dressed with homemade balsamic viniagrette and romano cheese. And then evening snack as previously mentioned. I just love the picture of my sandwich. I need to take all my food photos on my desk.

I loved Grey's Anatomy last night. I'm still not happy with Izzie. I am just so glad that Christina and Burke are gonna be okay. I just don't know if I could watch through them falling apart again.

So I'm off to do my housework. Have a great Friday!