Wednesday, March 21, 2007

do you wanna take my picture?

As promised, here is my food diary for today. I think I did pretty well. I found that not wanting to take a picture deterred me from eating so many things. I would have done really well if it weren't for my ritualistic morning Starbucks drink. I'm thinking of cutting it out tomorrow. I'm also thinking of attending a Weight Watchers meeting at lunch tomorrow, if my schedule permits. But, on to our feature presentation.

Breakfast: Starbucks drink and oatmeal. Nothing too exciting there.

Lunch was wonderful. Nice spinach salad with apples, romano cheese, turkey, and raspberry dressing. I forgot the walnuts, or it would have been better. I snacked on the Wheat Thins through my work day, and I only ate half of the yogurt/grape nuts concoction.

Dinner was okay. I tried to recreate my favorite dish from Tapas in Lawrence...tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and cheese. Wasn't the same. Didn't eat a whole lot of it. But I did eat the Lean Cuisine pizza (newly preservative free!) and added strawberries (no pic) to make up for the tomatoes. Just imagine the plate holds a different red fruit.
I came across a recipe today for these chocolate pumpkin muffins that I just had to try (and they are amazing). So that added a late snack. I also bought new olive oil and cracked pepper Triscuits earlier and had to try two. But I did not eat the two in the pic...Nathan selflessly finished those for me. They just had to be in pictures!
I'm still trying to figure out how to get the layout to look the way I want. This is my first post with pics, so I think I did pretty well!
A few of reflections of food photograpy: I think I will keep doing this, but with much smaller pictures. Taking pictures kept me accountable in a way I hadn't imagined. I really spent more time preparing my food and making it look pretty when I knew I would be taking a picture. I used my new Very Bradley plates (just the two!) that I've had for a week or so and my favorite red bowl. I noticed I had part of the Italian Gnome in the dinner pic...he was a present from when our future sister-in-law went to film the Olympics. Maybe he'll have a recurring role. And my milk snack was in my Early Girl Eatery glass, a momento from still yet another amazing Asheville restaurant.
I went to the store today, so I have many exciting options for lunch tomorrow. We'll see what I come up with! I'll keep you updated on the Weight Watchers thing.
'Night all!


Zak said...

Is that a Martinelli's jar in the background of one of the pics? That is the best apple juice ever!

Krissie said...

Sure is! Is there any other apple juice that is even drinkable? I save the jars for random Christmas decorating. (How Martha Stewart-ish of me!)
How's Kansas? I've been drinking out of my Jayhawks was in the pics I couldn't upload from Friday.