Friday, March 9, 2007

pack my things...

Mom, Dad, and I had a great trip today and ended up in Kansas (the Sunflower State for those of you on the edge of you seat). I'm surprised Dad has any hearing - I could hear his iPod over the car radio. I found my true calling - I should have been a dj. I kept all three of us happy for the 9-ish hour trip. All it takes is James Taylor, Phil Collins, and a family-friendly playlist made for the Fudgery.

We had a great dinner with Zak at some Tapas place on Mass Street (as the locals call it). I felt guilty eating so well without Nathan. But I already have his gift picked out (I think.) There is so much shopping I'll get to do tomorrow!

With the time change and all, I am exhausted. Nighty night!