Wednesday, March 14, 2007

burning up his fuse out here alone

I'm an unhappy camper. Haven't seen Nate since Friday am (and I don't really count that - I was asleep) and won't see him again until this Friday pm. I hate being a wussy, attached-at-the-hip wife, but that's what I am. I hate Atlanta 'cause he's there instead of here. (Insert mental picture of my sticking out my bottom lip and pouting.)

Today was quite possibly the hardest day of work I have ever had. The kids in group were just terrible. I cannot believe elementary kids can be so disrespectful. I understand that we are a product of the environment we are raised in, but come on. Do I look dumb? Then why do kids (KIDS????) call me that? And since today was rough, we're not having fun day tomorrow. The kids don't realize that it's unfair to us to. Us grown-ups need the Fun Fursday as much as they do. Grrrr.

Tonight we went out for my boss's birthday. We ate at our local Mexican joint, LaFonda. The balloons we brought in cued the staff that it was his birthday, so they brought out the dessert and the sombrero, and they really snuck up on him, grabbed his shoulders and made the ARRIBBA! noises. I thought he was going to crap his pants. We could have won America's Funniest Videos if we had it on tape. Bummer. But it was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

I hate to admit it, but I'm being honest. I've not been doing well with my relationship with God the past few weeks. I'm angry that I have a reason to be on medication (purposely vague!) and that I felt so nasty for seo many days. And that I had to hide my discomfort for work and trip purposes. I mean, why didn't I get sick when I had nothing to do? But I'm almost back to normal, but that doesn't mean I'll stay that way. It's kept me from running, from feeling like cooking, from feeling like doing anything but laying on the couch actually. And sometimes even that wasn't fun. I haven't listened to a sermon in a while, and have prayed very little except for before meals and the pleas for my medical condition to miraculously disappear. I just feel very disconnected right now. And kinda lacking the motivation to fix that just yet.

I am not running yet, but I am not lacking that motivation. With Nathan in Atlanta, Courtney is staying with me. And she is just so social! Pedicures, dinner out, playing with Maude the Pug, sitting at Steve's table forever talking about nothing...I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have with her. It's so rare that my main contact is with a girl. I love Nathan, I miss Nathan terribly, but I do love the pampering and the gossip and the reality tv. So I'm not running this week. We have the Shuffle on Saturday, and that will be my jump start. Back to my original post, I am a runner who had an illness. I am not someone who gave up on running. I am someone who respects my body, it's need to heal, and I will run again!

I am glad that people out there are reading and checking up on me. I miss you all.

It's time for me to brush my teeth, give Nate his goodnight phone call, and get some much needed rest. And look forward to the next two days! Tomorrow is a new Grey's Anatomy, and Friday Nate comes home! Who could ask for more?