Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was feeling part of the scenery

Okay, so I think I'm going to get this purse for our upcoming trip. But not in the brown. Do I want the pink (with grey lining)...
Or the green and blue?

Help me! Which do you think?

In other news...

Why I Love Today:

Food choices today were pretty good. (Check them out here.) I didn't exercise, but I'm taking small steps!

The one food weakness I had was free. All that happened was bad service at Starbucks, and that led to free drinks!!

I am really motivated to be healthy.

Three words: Old School Grey's. (Meredith and George did WHAT?)

Tomorrow is Friday!

Our anniversary (and trip to Asheville) is a month from today!


Ortho said...

I think the green and blue is you.


I like the green and blue too, but that's mainly because it would match more of my stuff.

jeannie* said...

Green and blue. SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Both the purses are cute... but I'm with the others on the blue/green number. As for your trip, I'm a NC girl and *love* Asheville. Hope you have a great time.


Anonymous said...

Green/blue, too. But the pink would be great, too. Both are pretty cool