Sunday, June 22, 2008

and I feel done

Okay, so there were no pictures taken at the wedding. Kinda strange, I agree. But we were really cute. And I only had a small piece of cake!

Yesterday was kinda difficult, though. Multiple "when are you having kids?" questions. Several fat jokes made in my presence about people who are less fat than me. Just not the best weekend for self-esteem. Thus a variety of brownies and a cookie dough blizzard today.

But, you know what? I'm not done trying. I'm not giving up.



Rhonda said...

I know all about the "when are you having kids?" questions. My husband and I were married before any of our friends and we were the last to have children. We were married 7 years before having our daughter. Before you get married, it's always, "When are you getting married?" ....After you get married, it's "When are you having kids?" ....When you DO have a child, it's "When are you going to have more?" Trust me, it never ends! I couldn't believe how ignorant people could be. They didn't know if I could or couldn't have kids. ...They didn't care. Don't let people get to you, Krissy. Your time will come and when it does, it still won't be anyone else's business, but yours and Nathan's. ....As for the fat remarks, It's always the skinnier folks commenting and trust me, their time will eventually come too...when they will buy bigger sizes. LOL :)

Donna B said...

Stay strong for YOU! Ignore the rest of them the best you can. So many people don't know how hurtful they can be. I've lost close to 50# so far and it is quite noticeable, but girlfriends seem to ignore my weight loss, but yet comment on my husband losing 50#'s. Guess you can never win.
Keep up the good work!

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I think the hair looks great!

Nikki said...

totally understand how you feel - hang in there. my own mother caused me to walk away in tears this weekend with her passive-aggressive comments about grandchildren to me, and how she was "bitter" she didn't have any.
shake off the sweets - today's a new day!

Anonymous said...

Fat jokes are just rude. I hate that crap.

SallyC said...

Krissy, I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and just let me say that you are SOOOO not alone! I'm 38 and married to the sweetest man ever. When people ask me about having kids (they are nosy and insensitive), I tell them that I have a fear of committment. Then they say, "Well, your married. You can't have a fear of comittment." To that I say, "Well yes, but my husband can wipe his own ass." They usually leave me alone after that;)