Sunday, April 6, 2008

watch us as we ride

Let me tell you about my weekend:

Nathan turned 30.

What does that mean?

3 hours of sleep. Pepsi. Salt and vinegar chips. Home cooking. Birthday cake. Bologna sandwich. Chicken salad sandwiches and barbecue chips. More birthday cake. Sausage biscuits. More bologna sandwich and barbecue chips. Still more birthday cake. Frozen coffee drink. Chips and salsa. Cheesecake.

I weighed Friday morning before all the craziness and I had actually lost a little more than a pound since Monday. I'm sure I won't see the same numbers. Especially since I have messed up my poop cycle. Oh well.

Don't get me wrong. The weekend was awesome. It started with the Punch Brothers on Thursday night. The show was great and we (a group of 7 late-20's early 30's) almost got into a brawl with 2 older gentlemen who took the seats of others about our age during intermission. I don't know the last time I felt so much adrenaline. And so proud for standing up for what was right...even though it was really none of my business.

Anyway, the concert was awesome, ending with autographs and getting to meet Chris Thile. Very good times. And Nathan and I held our composure well. I thought we'd sound like bumbling fans, but we were cool.

I also bought some awesome (counterfeit) purses this weekend. But don't tell anyone!

I am excited about this week. No evening plans. No excuses not to eat better and go to the gym. And it should be pretty enough for us to ride our bikes!

It's time for me to drink a ton of water to get rid of some of this sodium.

I'll face the scale in the morning, and I'll let you know the damage.



So glad you guys had fun (happy belated birthday, Nate!) and good for you for standing up to the seat-stealing jerks! I hate when people do that at concerts.

Also, I would like to see photos of your awesome new purses. Good luck with weigh-in tomorrow! I had a similar weekend of indulging w. the Bride and Groom, so I'm psyched to work it all out this week.

Carleen said...

you gotta enjoy yourself like that once and awhile!!! drink your water and get back on track and you'll be seeing results in no time!!
Sounds like you had a blast!

Chubby Chick said...

At least you can use hubby's birthday as an excuse. I ate like crap this past weekend and nobody in my house turned a year older. lol Thank God today is a new day and we can get back into our healthy routines.

Have a fantastic week! :)