Wednesday, April 2, 2008

and I know he watches me

Okay, let me explain where I have been.

I know that usually when I skip a few days it can mean nothing but bad.


Nathan's 30th is Friday. And, in celebration, this is our week of concerts!

Monday night we saw Shawn Mullins (of Lullaby fame) and the Biscuit Burners at a local radio show. They were both really REALLY good.

And then, last night, Kent accompanied us to dinner at Natasha's (I had goulash) and to a show of the Sparrow Quartet, featuring Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck. It was an awesome show. And I learned that I can get drunk from a glass and a half of wine. I am seriously pathetic.

And tomorrow we head to Cincinnati to see the Punch Brothers again (the new band from the guy that played mandolin in Nickel Creek). The most exciting of them all!

There are tons of links up there...Check them out!

I have had challenges and struggles the last few days. I have not had the opportunity to exercise due to crazy schedule. I ignored Free Popcorn at the hospital yesterday - even though I walked by it no less than 10 times. I have had beautiful salads for lunch, and sensible dinners. I did have an IC Mocha from Panera today, but I'm good with it.

Now it's time to help Nathan grill! Coffee-crusted pork chops and sweet potatoes. Yummm...


40 by 40 said...

Wow--that is one fun birthday celebration!You youngin's sure know how to party! One concert would be enough for me..(but i am approaching 40..ugh)..Sounds like a great week. Enjoy. It's actually great that it just takes 1.5 glasses of wine to get you drunk--less calories and less $$$.
Enjoy your celebrations!

Nikki said...

Krissie - You'll be just a couple of miles from my house at that show. If I didn't have a meeting tonight, I would totally meet you there! My Hubby LOVES these guys, too!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Where is the receipe for the coffee crusted pork chops? SHirley