Wednesday, March 12, 2008

no patience to search for peace of mind

Random thoughts for today:

  • Our good friends, Denise and James, had a baby today! Welcome Kaya!
  • Work is stressful, but I am managing. I am actually liking it.
  • I got a personal-sized cheese pizza from the cafeteria for lunch. I ate half of it. Only half.
  • We have a huge amount of candy in our office. I only had a miniature Twix and a few peanut m&ms. Much better than yesterday.
  • I spent my entire shower this morning trying to figure out how I would tell my blog friends that I had decided to cut my hair. But I got two compliments from random strangers in elevators today, and then another from a friend at church. So Operation Hair-Grow-Out is still in effect.
  • My black pants, purchased 2 weeks ago, are getting baggy. And they are clean, not just stretched out.
  • I am still not eating particularly well, but portions are still pretty small. And, with the current hecticness of work, I think I am doing the best that I could do. (Can anyone tell me what keys I hit on my Mac to make it italic? And why it doesn't go away when I click on the italic i thing up there?)
  • Have I told you all that I totally kicked butt at the gym last night? Well, I did.
  • Are you guys as irritated as I am that they didn't show the results on Biggest Loser last night? I spent like 10 minutes today trying to recount who got voted off to a co-worker, totally irritated that I couldn't remember - just to realize that there was nothing to remember. I need closure.
  • Okay. Now does anyone know why it un-italicized when I did nothing differently? Whatever.
  • My body is not responding well to the time change. I am having a very hard time getting out of bed. So I'm going to bed at 9:30 to try to help that out.



I have problems with the italics on my Mac too sometimes, so I just switch from "compose" mode to "edit HTML" and physically move the cursor outside the coding to fix it. Nine times out of ten that does the trick.

And I have to say I think you're awesome for working out and managing your portions, even if the food choices aren't as healthy as you might like. It's all about making good, small choices and you're ROCKIN'.

Also I realize you're asleep while I write this and that, for some reason, amuses me.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Yay for your good choices!

Boo on unintended italics! lol

Holly said...

Woohoo on the baggy pants. You're still doing great! I hope work settles in nicely for you.

Rhonda said...

The Biggest Loser was a little off last night. Did you think Jillian was rude? Can you imagine someone losing 100 lbs. in 11 weeks? I think I watch it because it's the only thing on. :-D Keep on making those good choices, sister! It's working for you!
Take care!
....What a nice day outside up here in Northern KY!

Sarah P said...

I love a random post! Keep up the great butt kicking will be needing to replace those black pants before you know it.

TR said...

Yeah, the Biggest Loser thing pissed me elimination? Come on! Sounds like to me you are doing a great job making the best choices you can under in the given situation. That's what it's all about really.