Sunday, February 24, 2008

a tune we both should know

I have mostly gotten over the baby blues of yesterday. Thanks for the support.

I am still feeling very flu-ish. Sore throat. VERY sore throat. But I had several weeks of uninsured time, and my new insurance doesn't kick in until 3/1. So I've just taken stock in cough drops UNTIL I saw that there are 15 calories in each! I bet I've had 10 today! I am so irritated!

Nathan is continuing to go to the gym. I am happy for him, but jealous. I managed to do some yoga today, just so I could feel like I am doing something. I felt more relaxed, and frustrated that I was getting winded from stretching. So that removed any doubt that I am still sick.

I go back to work tomorrow, after having Thursday and Friday off to "recuperate" from Atlanta. I just got lucky 'cause I would have taken sick days anyway. I know I have to go tomorrow. To prepare, I did some pampering: painting my toenails and cleaning up my eyebrows. I think waxing hurts more when I'm sick. BUT my toenails are a major accomplishment. Not only do they look better than they usually do when done by me, but they were much less difficult! Kinda like my panty hose experience, there was no grunting or straining involved!

And I am not wasting pretty toes. As of tomorrow, I am breaking my Scale-Free February. It was good while it lasted, but I'm a little panic-y. I haven't really exercised in about 10 days. I haven't been eating a balanced diet at all. But I have been pretty sick. And I got enough comments to my before-and-during pictures that I am very curious as to where I am. So, as of tomorrow, I am back to my Monday morning weigh-ins.


Kelly said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm debating whether or not I'm going to work tommorow.

Good luck with the weigh in.

Takeonestripperpole said...

Feel better ... being sick is never any fun! Good luck tomorrow with the scale ... I will send some positive energy your way!

Anonymous said...

Please file this under better late than never:

Welcome back! Sorry you're not feeling well, but I'm sure you'll be rockin' a whole new healthy routine in no time.

Oh, and btw, the pictures you posted earlier in the week look extraordinarily different. Your body is changing. No doubt about it.

Good for you.

Ready to Shrink said...

Good luck hopping back on the ole scale. I hope he is nice to you. They can be such heart breakers! Just remember it is a journey and that number is just a number no matter what it says. You are doing so amazing and I constantly draw positive energy from your posts.

Sarah said...

Since I know how much you like Matt Wertz, you should check this show out and it's free!

Monday March 3
Singletary Auditorium
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
All Ages

Glad you are back. Hope you weigh in went well!

Poonie said...

Sooooooo? What did the scale say? Don't keep us in suspense, we wanna see the pretty toes and the pretty numbers!

PS - I'm sick too and feel your frustration.

Heather said...

very excited to hear how the weighin goes!