Saturday, February 16, 2008

she walks in the sun to me

Hello lovelys!

I am still safe and sound in Atlanta. I have mostly fallen off the wagon, but I have no sense of routine here. I have been taking substantial walks. But convenience has determined food more than healthiness. So, unfortunately, pizza and appetizers at the hotel have won out over trips to the grocery store. At least I haven't been eating out.

But we are in one of those "long stay" hotels. So to make it feel like home, we are welcomed back from training each day by warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. I'm guessing there won't be any today because it's Saturday. I guess that's a good thing.

I really miss Nathan. Valentine's Day was tough. Oh well. I'll be home on Wednesday.

I'm getting ready to walk to Starbucks and a little shopping. I've been doing homework all day. (This training is pretty serious.) At least it's warm here!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


Hanlie said...

Oh well, the wagon will still be there when you get back! Well done on the walking!

I'm sure Nathan missed you just as much on Valentine's Day!

Grumpy Chair said...

Enjoy your Starbucks! Hmmm. Hmmm. Good!


You never realize how important a routine is until it's not there anymore. But the end is in sight because pretty soon you'll be back in the swing of things and back to kicking ass. At least you're making smart-ish choices! You could be sitting in ordering lots of room service every night.

Heather said...

losing a routine is always the hardest thing for me. whenever I am broken from it, I feel a bit lost and definitely have struggle too. dont worry, when you get back, your routine will be here waiting for you!

Takeonestripperpole said...

I agree with Hanlie - the wagon is not going anywhere! You will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

You're almost there, girl! I'm sure Nathan is about to burst with pride! Just keep that good attitude and focus on all the good stuff happening... in a week or so, you'll be back kicking that treadmill's ass! :)


Scale Junkie said...

The wagon will stop by and pick you up as soon as you get home! Its so hard to make good choices when you are out of your element. Just do the best you can.

Honi said...

being off your routine is always hard... just hang in there.. u will be home soon... enjoy yourself and much luck with the training as it progresses~

Swizzlepop said...

I think its an ever circling wagon since it has picked me back up so many times. I just got back on today so I got a seat saved for ya when you get back!
Just think you and Nathan can celebrate when you return and have an even specialer day since the restaurants won't be so crowded and flowers will actually be a decent price ;)

My ILs were here about 2 weeks ago and were at an extended stay and the husband and I would partake of the cookiecrack whenever we dropped them off. Sometimes I want to walk out the front, wait and then go back in to grab another because they taste so good and yummy (can you see why I fell off the wagon?)! LOL. Stay strong!!!