Sunday, January 13, 2008

something so pleasant about that place

Happy Sunday!

I have had a great day. I started the day with a Starbucks drink (I'm back on the wagon) on the way to church. Then we went to Third Street Stuff with Kent and had sandwiches. I had something called the Big Kahuna, which I will recreate this week. Ham, pineapple cream cheese, and lettuce. So good.

We went to an open house, just for fun. We came home and I fixed Beef and Tomato Stew! I've been seriously craving something substantial, and this totally hit the spot. I also had 3 little yeast rolls. They are terribly bad for me, especially since tomorrow is weigh day, but we needed something to mop up the stew juice.We went to the gym after dinner and I did 30 minutes on some elliptical machine thing and 30 minutes on the exercise bike through the Amazing Race.

Tomorrow is weigh day! Tomorrow's post will be a run-down of the health week-that-was. I am really looking forward to the week-that-will-be. I am excited about the cooking I will be doing this week, the time I'll be able to spend in the gym, and the job interviews that I will be rocking. I am loving 2008!

I promised pictures of my husband and his new facial hair look. I hate it. HATE IT. He looks like someone right out of My Name is Earl or Smokey and the Bandit. I think he looks like he would have terrible and suggestive language. His facial expression doesn't help much either. All I know is I find it a terrible combination of hilarious and offensive. What do you ladies think?


Carleen said...

hehehe-- "my name is earl" ...its not THAT bad, you'll get used to it :)

good luck with WI tomorrow!

Christine said...

HEHEHE. I love your husband's new look. I get a snicker out of him. I think that he looks like trouble and would get along really well with my hubby. LOL!
Good luck with your weigh in - I know that you will do great.

BTW is there something magical about this StarBucks drink that I need to know about? Seems that its the way that you start of your day. :))))) Take care.

Hanlie said...

I'm with you on this one! He clear the slate and start anew...

Your stew looks great. Over here tomato stew is made with lamb or mutton and it's virtually comfort food. I love it! I should try it with beef.

I was telling my hubby yesterday about how you guys go to gym to watch TV. He says that's actually a great idea! Takes your mind off the workout, plus you are moving for the whole length of the show you're watching.

jenifer said...

I am dying laughing at Nate. Your comments about him looking like he's from "My Name is Earl" and using bad language totally cracked me up...because I know him! HA HA HA He would have looked even better if you had taken the hair pick to his hair personal favorite look of his!

The Webb's (Chole) said...

He looks like he has lost some weight since the picture on your blog! Wow

Melanie said...

He reminds me of the dad on Orange Co. Choppers. It's the long mustashe thing. I kinda like it actually, although, his expression kinda makes him look a little crazy! :) Your stew looks yummy! I bet it was good! My husband made these pizza rolls last night and I'm wondering if it could be made low cal/fat. He took a pizza crust, put all the toppings on then rolled it up like a log. He then cut the "log" into pieces and laid them out in a casserole dish and covered them with more sauce and cheese. They kind of looked like cinnamon rolls, only pizza. They were sooooooo good!!!!

Trisaratops said...

Oh my gosh - my husband grows a beard every winter so he doesn't have to shave that much. Then in March, I convince him to make it a goatee for my birthday, which he does because I love it. But then last year, after the goatee, he did the same thing as your husband! And he was cracking me up - he would come up to me and try to sell me a car. Hilarious and a horrible sight.