Saturday, January 12, 2008

if it were mine, it would be yours to take

Well, my weekend of splurges continued. We met my dear Idaho friend for brunch today. Nathan and I went downtown early to do some widow shopping, but nothing was open. So we ended up at Starbucks, and I ended up with the usual bottled Starbucks drink over ice. I didn't bring my camera, so I didn't get a picture of my brunch. I ordered a 3-egg omelet with spinach, tomatoes, onions, and American cheese. It came with hash browns and 2 slices of toast. I ate about half of the omelet, a little less than half of the hash browns, and one slice of toast. I drank water. It felt good to be able to leave most of the food on the plate.

After lunch, our friend headed to the UK game, and Nate and I headed to Whole Foods. They were doing there 100 Best Foods taste-test. It was really crowded though, and all I tried was grapefruit and turkey. We bought dinner for tonight, apple and rice stuffed chicken and asparagus. It was incredibly yummy. I'll recreate it and post a recipe soon.

We went to Meijer to buy stuff for dinner tomorrow. We're going to have beef stew. I've been craving stew, and I'm making it tomorrow! We put away groceries and went to the gym. It was really hard today. I did 30 minutes each on the treadmill and the bike. I wasn't tired or achy or anything, I just didn't want to be there. I even had Rachel Ray and America's Next Top Model to watch. I'm hoping tomorrow holds a little more motivation for me.

After the gym, I was munchy and gave in. But a bowl of Cheerios can't be totally bad!

I've been really proud of myself for managing eating out. It's been a busy weekend, and we're having lunch out again tomorrow, but I feel I've handled myself well eating and financially.

I am so proud of all my blog friends. We are totally rocking 2008! I am really trying to stop by and see you all every day, but there are so many! Just because I'm not commenting doesn't mean I don't care!

And, a teaser for tomorrow...My husband decided to shave his beard, and now has a very entertaining look. He will accompany food pictures tomorrow. Be sure to tune in!


Christine said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics of your hubby! I bet he looks like a brand new man! My husband wants to shave off his goatee - but I have hid his razors for fear that he might actually do it.

Hanlie said...

That chicken and asparagus plate looks delicious!!!

You're doing great! I look forward to seeing the beardless pics.

lainb said...

you're doing great all the way around (nutrition, activity, financially)!!

Lori said...

You're an inspiraton! Keeping your focus through your current life changes is difficult - keep it up!

Melanie said...

Krissie, you're doing great! You keep up that good work! The dinner looked soooo yummy! I definitely want that recipe! :)

Chubby Chick said...

The Starbuck's coffee pic made me laugh... because before I even got out of bed this morning... I was thinking about Starbuck's coffee and all of their little pastries. lol


Nate shaved?! I require photos NOW. ;) And kudos for working out even though you didn't want to. I'm about to drag my butt to the gym even though I would much rather stay at home and watch movies all day.

PS. That chicken looks really, really good.

Lidian said...

You are doing so great! And I can't wait to see the no-beard pics - my DH had a brief bearded period years ago, and we took pics when he had shaved half one side of the mustache, opposite chin side) and then he went back and shaved the rest.

Carleen said...

I love your blog for the pics!! good for you doing well at eating out!
Keep up the good work..