Wednesday, January 30, 2008

how could I forget you, girl

Today I had my first official argument with my body/mind/soul whatever.. It was not pretty.

I had breakfast and went to the gym. It was pretty much horrible. I can typically spend days on the treadmill, but about 12 minutes in, I was incredibly bored. I was even watching Arrested Development and that didn't help. About 27 minutes in, the lovely lady to my left dismounted the Arc Trainer. "Great!" I thought. "I can try that for a while and I'll feel better!" And after 30 minutes on the treadmill, I went to the new machine.

30 seconds into the Arc Trainer, I knew I had been fooling myself. It was not better. I only spent 3 minutes on it before I was ready to shoot it. My body felt awkward. I felt like I was having to put way too much energy into it, compared to other days. At 15 minutes, I too dismounted.

And I went to the weights/circuit machines. And there I rocked. For a solid 45 minutes, I lifted, grunted, squeezed, crunched, etc. And I felt really really good. I wanted to watch What Not to Wear, so I decided to go to the old standby: the bike.

I hated it. Every pedal felt like I was truding through knee-high mud. I convinced myself that I had to do 15 minutes. I figured that was long enough for me to power through. At that point, I would either be fine and be able to finish out my show or I would give myself permission to quit.

And at 15 minutes, I quit. I literally just could not do it. And I was frustrated.

But did I binge? Did I get down on myself? Did I drive through Culvers?


I decided to reward myself for all my hard work. And it was fun.

I went to Lane Bryant 'cause I had a coupon. I can now wear dresses in the smallest size that they carry! I would have bought two, but they were overpriced. (Or would be underworn. Why buy a dress for the same amount as pants? I could get away with wearing the dress, what, twice a month? But I can wear the pants twice a week with different tops and no one is any wiser!) Oh, yeah, I bought these brown dress pants and this awesome green sweater. I need work attire!

I then headed to the cell phone store. I need an new cell phone. Mine randomly hangs up on people and gives a busy signal. But I have decided to wait until I have a few paychecks and can convince Nathan that I really need an iPhone. (Wish me luck!)

And then, since tomorrow is my last weigh-in for a while, I decided I needed a pedicure for the scale picture. And I just deserve it. It was an amazing pedicure, and the magazine at my chair was the weight loss issue of People. Groovy!

Now it's time to wake Nate from his nap and head to church. Have a great Wednesday!


justoofat said...

Wow! You so deserved *all* of the treats you gave yourself as reward for kicking some serious work-out booty today. I'm telling you, Krissie, your exercise regiment utterly blows me away. When I read about all the sweating you're doing, I feel so guilty for doing as little as I do (-- even though I'm always totally wiped afterwards). YOU are the exerciser that *I* want to be come. You're like... my hero! :)

Seriously, congrats on sticking with it today and for recognizing that you deserved to be rewarded for your sheer tenacity. Go you!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

By my account you DESERVED a little shopping... that was still a lot of exercise. You are doing awesome!

Donna B said...

You are my exercise inspiration! I wish I could say I can keep up with you, but I have had so many problems on my exercise bike lately with my back hurting in the morning that I need to figure out how to at least get some exercise in my day. Good luck on the job!

Trisaratops said...

Good girl for pushing through! And I LOVE trying on clothes as a reward - it is so satisfying. Cute pants, by the way. And your salad looks de-lish!

Grumpy Chair said...

Sometimes we got it and sometimes we don't. I have had days were I really enjoy the treadmill and can stay on for 90 minutes, then there is an occasional day where I'm silently screaming to get off after 15 minutes.

Your pants and sweater sound very nice.

And a well deserved pedicure too. I think I might have to treat myself to one of those on Saturday after my 5K.

Nikki said...

I understand COMPLETELY the argument you were having with yourself. I've had the same problem lately, and unfortunately, my gym doesn't have many options for TV. so it's the iPod or bust. I don't do well reading.

You deserved all the pampering you gave yourself. It's quite a pick-me-up. And isn't the iPhone a good way to reward yourself for weight lost??

Congrats, too, on the smallest size at LB!

Twix said...

Wowsers! I say you got a lot of workout in! And good for you, for not going to Culver's. I think you rewarded yourself excellent! Congratulations on such a great day!! :D

Anonymous said...

Well, in my book you still do a heck of a good job at the gym, even when you think 'you give up'. You rock girl!
And those treats sound lovely.
How cool that you can now wear their smallest size!!

Hanlie said...

I also struggled with my cardio today... but I finished it!

Nice duds. Those pants must fall beautifully... Can't wait to see the result of the pedi.

Ready to Shrink said...

That is awesome! I love that you went on a SPREE! You so deserve it. I will be so thrilled when I can fit back into Lane Bryant clothes and even more when I am in their smallest size.

You did awesome! I am so PROUD OF YOU!!! I get my pedicure at my fave spa in 5 pounds. I can't wait!

Sarah P said...

I am SO proud of you! You did your work out and treated yourself with things besides *the bad stuff* GOOD for you! :) Like Donna B said- I wish I could keep up with you to- I can not for the life of me get motivated to work out in the least bit! I am going to be working on that!