Tuesday, July 17, 2007

if you burn the road that will lead you back

another long day. met with mortgage lady. she had good news. then we met with builder of the lofts. not good news. he won't budge on the price. i'm frustrated. so we're keeping them on the back burner but looking at other houses. we don't really know what the family who looked at our house this past weekend thought. we'll have to wait and see.

work is exhausting, but i love it. i love my job.

once again, i drove by sonic around 945 tonight and resisted the peanut butter milkshake again. i totally rock.

but i'm still not feeling good in general. just yucky. more of the same from the past few days. i'm hoping it's somehow hormonal and i'll snap out if it in a few days. for Nathan's sake.

just like yesterday's picture made me smile, i decided to post another for today.

this is my dear, sweet farley cat. he's really a grouchy old man. he likes to crawl in my bags. he makes me smile. he also likes to sleep on the pillow beside my head. he gets 90% of the pillow at night. it's okay, he's protecting me. at night, i have Nathan on one side and farley on the other. i love my boys!



I have a hard time resisting the fast food too. For me it's McDonalds. Good job with the will power!

Amuldoon said...

Isn't it amazing on how even the worst day ever, affection from a fur-ball makes you smile?

marie said...

if i wasn't so afraid of the furballs, i'd understand the joy they bring you.

i am thankful he puts a smile on your face though :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for resisting!
I don't envy you having to find a place to live and selling your house at the same time. Sounds like unbelievably stressful work - so you are doing great considering!