Friday, May 4, 2007

many a mile to go that night

The interview went really well! I am excited on one hand because it seems like an awesome place to work, but kinda down because they already had the position filled. So why did he call me in for an interview? He plans on hiring again in 2-3 months, and he wanted to have me lined up. As disappointed as I was not to walk out with a new job today, that this is what's best. Even though I am ready to move on, I know that Nathan may find a job somewhere else geographically, so it's best for us to keep our options open for now. And that job is a big option for us. We could move back to Lexington (although I'm willing to make the drive if we stay here). All in all, good stuff.

I've had some trouble with the eating today. Did well at breakfast and lunch, but again dinner was a booger. We went to the Fudgery. I did well with a sandwich and a cup of soup. But then the owner brings out rum cake. For free. So I eat a piece. Oh well. Hopefully it didn't sabotage my day too much. Weigh in is tomorrow! I want to lose .8 so I can get my pedicure!

Thanks so much for the acknowledgements of the goal pants! Tonight was still yet another victory. I got a pair of pajama pants from the Mother-In-Law at Christmas that I never wore 'cause I knew they wouldn't fit. Well, just for fun I pulled them out of the drawer and they fit! And they are comfortable! If I can tell this much difference with 4.2 pounds lost, what am I going to do when I've lost 10?

Well, all, it's time for me to go to bed. Gotta get a good nights sleep for the weigh in tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Good for you for finding the bright side of the interview situation. At least you will probably be the first person he thinks about when he hires next! And congrats on yesterday's (and today's) pants - pulling out old clothes (and fitting into them) is like getting a whole NEW wardrobe, for free... haha

Crooked Eyebrow said...

Nothing like the feeling of being able to slip something on that was tight before! Keep up the good work!

Amy said...

That fudgery sounds like your nemesis! I can understand though, Hungry Howie's Pizza is mine. Oh, I love Pizza. I hope the weigh in went well and you get your pedicure!