Thursday, May 24, 2007

I told you I was trouble...

Last night, Nathan and I went to a fundraiser with my new company at The Movie Tavern. We saw Spiderman 3. I really liked the movie, and the food was nice too. I had the Diablo Chicken Sandwich. Blackened chicken breast, hot sauce, lettuce, onion, tomato. I ate about half of the french fries. And I successfully avoided dessert. Very nice.

Today was full of hard work. We planted a few lilies and finished putting the rocks (that we're using like mulch) down in the flower beds. Rocks are a lot of work! And then we straightened up the house. I've snacked on a few mini York peppermint patties, but nothing like I ate the last two weeks.

We have a very exciting weekend ahead of us.

It starts tomorrow night with people coming over to our house. We attended the same small group for several years, originally tied to a church we used to go to, but then everyone went to different churches but still kept meeting for Bible study. It's been almost a year since we've seen the gang, and they're all coming here tomorrow night! We're going to grill and chat. It'll be a great time. We'll miss the Feeback's!! Here's an old picture of the gang from 2004:

Then Saturday morning, we're bidding on the house we will hopefully be able to purchase for a reasonable price. Keep us and the house in your prayers! I don't want to do something irresponsible or stupid.

After the auction, we're heading to Blountville, Tennessee, to take Nate's brother and new wife all kinds of wedding gifts that they left at our house. We're taking them to our favorite city ever on Sunday (We LOVE Asheville, North Carolina!). I can't wait to go to Malaprop's, and the City Cafe, and the Double Decker Bus coffee house, and maybe even Table. I am so excited! We'll be staying with Luke and Kim, but if you ever find yourself in Asheville, I highly recommend our favorite bed and breakfast ever, the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn.

So all this excitement means no weigh-in this weekend. But I am doing better. I feel better and more motivated, even without the scale. I've got the running bug again. I hope I can get started next week!


Mindy said...

Fingers crossed for the auction :)