Wednesday, April 25, 2007

what a way to make a living

Oh my. I inspired Annie to list her car history. She provided me with laughs. I need them this morning.

I usually get up before my alarm clock. Not today. I pushed snooze twice. Ugh. My fingers are swollen up like sausages. My stomach doesn't feel too happy with me. This is what I get for eating junk yesterday. I forgot that I used to feel like this all the time just a few weeks ago. Today will be better because I am in control.

No more time. Must get ready for work.


Annie said...

LOL glad you liked the car history - esp. the kangaroo comment. I was going to add that when it happened I cried my eyes out because I had killed an animal... but that ruin my tough girl image I am trying to cultivate. Still... kangaroos can be stilly bastards when it comes to leaping in front of oncoming cars! Talk about a death wish!!