Sunday, April 15, 2007

between green and gray

We are so excited! Nickel Creek is coming to our hometown! (Granted, it's three hours from where we are now, but that's okay.) So in July, Nate and I will be going home to see our favorite band! And I think we're going to see the mandolin player (Chris Thile) on his solo tour in Asheville in May. I was starting to think this summer might be a bummer because of no beach trip, but it's going to be full of long weekends. Asheville in May, Kansas in June, Nickel Creek in July...what more could a girl ask for?

Oh yeah. To not be fat.

Today has been an okay day. The sermon at church was great, of course. Mike talked about giving God 100% of our lives and not keeping anything selfishly to ourselves. I heard this not only as a call to action in many areas of my life, but also as a call to let God help me, to give up control. I feel like I need to develop a plan to do this, like I have to ween myself off of control. I know it doesn't work that way. I'm trying to get there.

I still did not make it to the gym today. I don't know why. They closed at 6 and I kept myself busy (with excuses!) until then. Still bummed that the elliptical machine is a noisy beast. I'd be on it right now if I could. Isn't it interesting that as soon as I can't go to the gym, I really want to go? But my eating was right on target today.

Breakfast (6)
Starbucks drink

Lunch (9.5)
Peanut butter/banana/honey sandwich from the Fudgery

Dinner (8)
Linguine with asparagus and tomatoes
Salad with light honey mustard

Snack (4)
Fiber 1 Bar
a cup 1% milk

That leaves me with 1/2 point. I can do nothing with that. Just gonna leave it.

I have a general plan for tomorrow, but will have to figure out some points before I have exact eating plan. Breakfast will be the typical starbucks and banana. For lunch, I am having an Asian wrap (flat-outs, turkey, mandarin oranges, almonds, lettuce, ginger dressing) and some fruit. Dinner is going to be lentil curry with rice (couldn't find red lentils...grr to small town Kroger!) and either salad or fruit.

I'll post pics of dinner and the recipe tomorrow, if it turns out well.


Mindy said...

Can I just say I love your blog? I love that you post your menus (with pictures) because it gives me great ideas. And I love that you actually EAT! So many people that I know who do WW try to get by on eating nothing and I don't operate like that.

Hang in there girly and don't be discouraged!!

Sarah said...

We have very similar musical tastes. Nickle Creek is awesome! I will be in Louisville in May to see Damaien Rice because he isn't playing Nashville =(