Sunday, March 18, 2007

but not a real green dress...that's cruel!

Yikes. Not a good day for Krissie's NCAA bracket. 9 for 16 in the second round. So much for bragging rights. And I feel pretty unloyal...I cheered for Kansas today. Kentucky is going to strip me of my degree and the right to call myself a Wildcat. I don't go by "Wildcat" much anymore. Wait, I never did. Anyway, Nate's wearing his new Kansas shirt to work tomorrow just to ruffle feathers. Jayhawk feathers. I have Kansas winning it all. I hope they don't let me down.

Oh, did you know Tricia (Whitt) Halleck had a baby? Little Colten Ray. If I had a scanner or received the pic electronically I'd post it. But, alas, neither of those statements apply to me. He is so cute...looks like a miniature old man. Awww.

Nothing too exciting went on today. I cooked for the first time in several weeks. Beef and noodles. Yumm.

Oh, I never discussed Thursday's Greys. I LOVED it. I mean, George is a total tool, but I was seriously concerned about where the show was headed after the three-part mess. Last week totally redeemed the show. But if they mess up Cristina and Burke I will be very upset. I feel like they are the couple that has what it takes to make it because he understands and (usually) accepts her bizarreness. I just really want them to work. And I want George and Callie to work. But George and Izzie make that difficult...I guess I'll just have to wait until Thursday. I'm already dreading the season finale, whenever that is.

Tomorrow is running day. I'm very excited. I hope it will be warm enough for me to run outside when I get home from work. Yeah. Hello green running shoes! (Saucony Pro-Grid Triumph 4 for anyone interested.) Hello iPod running podcast! (Robert Ullery C25K for anyone interested.) Hello Rock Chalk Shamrock t-shirt! (Go Kansas!)

I listened to a few sermons (via podcasts) the last few days, and I am feeling much better, much less bitter. I wasn't bitter, just angry. Acceptance is a good place to be. Any of you looking for podcasts in iTunes, I strongly recommend Southland church in Lexington. Nate and I went to their college-aged service for a while before we moved. I like the preaching a lot. I feel convicted every time I listen to them. The sermon I listened to today talked about suicide and the sin involved. It gave me a lot of tools I can use as a therapist if I have a suidical client.

So I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend (I know I sure enjoyed Nathan after over a week apart!). I spent a lot of it searching for live covers. My prize finds for the day: Alicia Keys and Bono doing Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel), Travis doing Hit Me Baby One More Time, and Rufus Wainwright and Ben Fold's Careless Whisper (WHAM!). Other favorites I've had and loved for a while: Ben Fold's Tiny Dancer (Elton John), Johnny Cash's One (U2) and Nickel Creek's Toxic (Brittney Spears).

Have a happy Monday! The weather will be beautiful...where I am anyway. What's this thing I heard about snow in Greenup yesterday?

And, to revive a Kansas conversation, do you say "running" or "runnin"? "Fishing" or "fishin"? "Finger" or "fanger"? Is it only relevant to us eastern Kentuckians? Let me know!


Tyler said...

I am still doing the program, I have just kinda been busy with other stuff and just have made it not so important to post a blog and post in C25K thread. I know its bad but whatever... I know I am still running... hahaha... I just did my first day of the last week yesterday and so I got 2 more days till graduation. So are you still running or walking? or did the health situation put you out permanantly? I gotta go to work but I'll talk to you later!