Sunday, July 6, 2008

we need a holiday

I spent this weekend doing absolutely nothing. And it was fabulous. I re-read my favorite book.I painted my toenails.
I went barstool shopping with my parents and Nathan.
I ate a pretzel and an iced coffee at Barnes and Noble.
I bought a new book at Joseph Beth.
I love 3 day weekends. How do I get more of them?


Mindy said...

Convince your boss to let you have flex scheduling! We have it for the summer and I'm off every Friday. Love it!

Caroline said...

I love weekends like that. I sure wish I had a lot more of them, too! And the Time Traveler's Wife is my FAVORITE book ever. I read it for the one billionth time about 6 months ago, but it might be time to read it again...

Olivia said...

Real Food is a fabulous book. It changed the way I look at food....for the better. :) If you enjoy that book then may I suggest you try reading In Defense Of Food by Michael Pollen. It's wonderful.