Saturday, May 31, 2008

many of miles to go that night

How sweet! Fat Bridesmaid misses me! I miss y'all too.

I have had a CRAZY week at work. My job duties changed drastically on Thursday, and that left me with doing my whole new duties and tying up the ends on my old duties. That equalled a 14-hour day on Thursday, and total exhaustion when I got home yesterday. So I took a 2 hour nap and then went to the bookstore. But I'm back!

So last night at Barnes and Noble, I picked up a book about infertility. (It was put out by one of those topic factory books - like Dummies or Idiot's Guide or something I don't remember - so I don't feel bad for not remembering and giving them credit.) I picked up 5 natural guidelines to improve fertility. And I'm gonna give it the good college try.

1) Maintain your sleep schedule on the weekend. There was something about how staying up late and sleeping late on the weekends messes with my sleep cycle, and probably my girl cycle as well. That is the only reason I was up at 6am this morning. One day in.

2) No caffeine. This one is gonna kill me. I have already decided that I am writing today off as a detox day. I've done this before. It's gonna be rough. But I'm making a commitment. And it's not just for conception hopes. I don't need the empty calories. I really need to stop spending so much money - and a lot of that is to Starbucks. So I am caffeine free as of today. Send me encouraging vibes.

3) No alcohol. This one won't really be that hard for me. I bet I've had one drink over the past month. I like just making the statement that for my health I have decided I'm not going to drink for a while.

4) Eat better. For me, this means mostly whole food. Not processed stuff. Not junk. If I wouldn't feed it to a child, then I shouldn't eat it myself because hopefully I will be eating for a baby one day.

5) Exercise daily. I just need to make the decision that I will exercise every day. When I don't give myself a way out, I just do it. I am planning on starting running again tomorrow. We are going to the gym this morning. I'm just gonna do it.

So that's my new plan. It's nothing that I don't know that I need to do. I know I have a great amount of control over preparing myself for pregnancy, and I have been failing at that. And before I even consider medical help, I need to step up and help myself.


Olivia said...

I have been lurking around you blog for a while and thought that it was probably time to leave a comment.


Really, I mean it. Believe me I know how hard it is to loose weight since I am just begining my healthy lifestyle change at 32.

I wish you much success on your new fertility regimen.

Sarah P said...

I think you have some great goals in place... for me personally we tried for almost 3 years and as soon as I lost 28 pounds it happened...I was doing WW went I got pregnant and I think my ways of eating and working out paid off big time!!!! (well twins do run in the family :) )

Trisha J. said...

Good luck with your changes! I agree, the caffeine one sounds the hardest to me too! I hope you conceive soon (or when you are ready). Having a baby has made me so much happier in life. I LOVE being a mom. Good luck!