Friday, January 11, 2008

don't wanna forget come daylight

I'll get back to the pictures soon...I promise.

Let me tell you about today's victories.

First, I had a bottled Starbucks drink for breakfast. I packed a salad and an apple for lunch, but my co-workers insisted on taking me out for my last day. Actually, they decided to eat Mexican and then pretty much bullied me into going with them. First victory: I ordered water, not Pepsi. And I love Pepsi with Mexican food. Anyway, I had 8 chips with salsa. That's it. I ordered a single beef soft taco with rice and beans. Well, the taco was covered with cheese. I ate half of it, and less than half of the beans and rice, and I was full. So you know what? I stopped. I just stopped. I left more than half on my plate. It was huge for moderation.

We had planned dinner out. It was the first meal out (other than lunch today) so far this year. We went to this great pizza place. Nathan and I split a single-serving Margherita pizza and a huge chopped salad with vinaigrette. I was full, and it was a great splurge.

Then we went to Kent's, where I drank about 1/2 cup of a mixed drink. I just wasn't feeling it. We watched tons of The Office, and I really wanted a milkshake or something when we left. But Nathan kept me strong and didn't give me the option to stop. I would have ran through Sonic if left to my own devices.

Tomorrow we're having lunch with with our friend from Idaho! I am so excited!


Hanlie said...

Well done, Krissie! We are still social beings and from time to time we will be faced with food that does not take us any closer to our goals. I say have some. Don't inhale it, just eat until you're satisfied, and you'll be fine!!! As long as it remains the exception, and does not become a new habit.

Your husband's a good guy for saving your from the milkshake. On top of all the other "exceptions" for the day, having a milkshake would just have been wrong!

I'm glad you've now left the job you hated. We spend too much time at work to be unhappy there.

Anonymous said...

Great choices! I am not sure I could have exerted the same amount of willpower in front of Mexican food (it's the damn sour cream that tempts me every time!).

You are off to such a fantastic start to 2008, even despite all the challenges. You are awesome!

S said...

Wow! You made so many great decisions! I am so impressed you left half of your food at lunch--that is a huge victory. I'm not sure I could do that. Way to go!

Cherry Dolphin said...

Oh man, Mexican food is my weakness! I am so proud of you, you did great! And I bet you enjoyed the food much more, huh? I don't think I ever really did, because I never took time to savor it, you know? I was too busy trying to pile in as much as I could before I got too stuffed. Sad...

Donna B said...

Congrats on your choices! I am still a tad bit scared to eat at other peoples homes, but feel I can make at least fair if not decent choices at restaurants. I am doing a better job of planning, and it sounds like you are right on course to succeed with your choices.