Monday, July 23, 2007

on this starry night staring into space

Ever wonder what an anniversary weekend looks like?

We started the weekend with this being our view from the Hilton at Lexington Green. We had an awesome view of Joseph Beth Booksellers. We ate at Regatta (also in the picture). Then we stayed up late to get Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows at midnight. It was a fun time. (Wow, I have no makeup left in this picture. Now you know what I look like at midnight. Scary.)

We read a little Friday night and then headed home home on Saturday morning. Nathan read aloud during the 2 hour trip. We hung out with my family at the campsite, had an awesome fish fry, and played a little cornhole. It was so good to see my family all together. It's hard being one of the only 2 grandchildren that have moved away. A lot of my family went out on boats, but Nate and I hung back to help with dinner. (That's my mom on the left. Hi Mom!)

Sunday we drove back to our house, Nathan reading during our travels, and then sat on the couch and finished Harry Potter. I am not disappointed, but kinda sad that it's all over.

We also returned to 2 copies of Runners World in our mailbox. I took that as a sign. It's time to run.

We actually ate pretty well this weekend. And then I had Taco Bell for dinner tonight.

But no peanut butter milkshakes since last week!

I am going to try really really hard to make this blog somewhat resemble what it used to be: an effort at being healthy. I will make an effort. And you'll be there for the adventure!


Annie said...

that sounds like such a lovely weekend! :) I liked the sound of the family get together especially, it looked like fun. I will have to go out and get harry potter now, I am dying of curiosity to see what happens.
Cheers Luv annie

Mindy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. You guys are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard in the summer isn't it? To be healthy that is... I'm having some trouble staying focussed, but that is why we have blogs I suppose...

I'm glad you had a great anniversary, my only question is... what is cornhole??

Sarah said...

I love that bookstore in Lexington! My mom and I were just there in February when we spent a weekend in Lexington for John Mayer :)

Cornhole!!!!! So much fun!